Monday, February 04, 2013

i once had a date-dream about kevin spacey and i have yet to get over it...

Are you watching Netflix's first TV show ever, House of Cards? I am HOOKED.
I'm trying to talk Melissa and Brett into watching, but in case they have actual lives, I'm on a search for folks with whom to discuss the show. In case you're not in the nerd loop, Netflix has released all 13 episodes of its first series ever, House of Cards.

House of Cards is about a Congressman from South Carolina played by Kevin Spacey. I think he's the House Majority Whip. Anyway, he's married to Robin Wright (and her fabulous hair and wardrobe) and the rest of the cast is filled with amazing character actors who are all spectacular. Plus, it's directed by David Fincher, who directed Se7en and Zodiac and The Social Network, so... it's fucking dark and mesmerizing. House of Cards is a cynical, grown-up version of the West Wing, so I am going to need you to watch it. All episodes, in a row, as I am doing.

While we are discussing TV, let us delve into Downton. Sybil is dead. Am I the only one not heartbroken? So WHAT? I have never been that invested in the Sybil/Branson storyline because Sybil is simply too beautiful and raspy voiced. I have no choice but to ignore her out of jealousy. I've always found Lord Grantham a little on the dumb side. Obviously he's bad at math, since Matthew thinks he sucks at running Downton. But his whole anti-Catholic tirade caught me of guard. What is a left-footer?!? I think this means I am one.

Lord Grantham and Carson are too peas in a judgemental pod, especially over the reformed hooker working for Matthew's medling mother. I hate how Mrs. Crawley so nice and understanding, but when the Grantham Girls are coming over for lunch, she loses her shit over whether or not there will be ham. Don't hire the hooker who can't cook and then be like, "Oh my God, I bet you can't even cook!"

And I think we can all agree that O'Brien is becoming incredibly entertaining. So much of Downton is old-fashioned (hating on hookers/Catholics/chauffeurs) and then all of a sudden, O'Brien is stirring the gay pot in the MEANEST way. Finally, Thomas is human enough to have a crush on someone (Jimmy, who likes girls). O'Brien is telling Thomas it's reciprocated when we all know, as Mrs. Patmore pointed out, everyone is in love with the wrong person. A+ for O'Brien.

If you follow Downton-related live tweets during the show, you must follow O'Brien's Bangs, a Twitter Feed by "O'Brien's Bangs." Seriously. It's an excellent parody Twitter. (For that matter, so in Modern Seinfeld.)

Finally, I find it hard to believe Bates is really getting out of jail scott free. Although this is the land of Downton, where the crippled walk and people are saved from the gallows at the last second with little or no explanation. Oh, Matthew can suddenly walk again. Well, that's been known to happen on rare occasion. Bates has been given the death penalty, but, yay! It's a life sentence, but let's not ask any more questions about it. So now, not that we get to see any of it, Bates managed to get his case re-tried. Something about a pie, you see. It all works itself out on Downton!

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Traci said...

I just saw the first episode today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!