Tuesday, January 01, 2013

oh my god, hi! merry christmas! sorry i yelled at you...

Happy New Year. Let's get straight to some business:

1. At Tim the Trainer's birthday party, I asked Rain, a professional TV writer, to suggest some shows. "Are you watching Catfish?" She asked. "Catfish is very you." I went home and watched 4 episodes of the MTV show Catfish on Comcast on Demand. Rain was right. Catfish is extraordinary. It's based on a documentary of the same name, and each episode follows a couple who have developed a relationship online. The show's charismatic host Nev, and his attractive sidekick Max, go around the country at the behest of one member of the internet couple, do a little research, and orchestrate a meeting. This might come as a shock to you, but people lie on the internet! Anyway, I got sucked in.

2. Brock and I went to see Silver Linings Playbook. Have you seen it? Did you love it? While I will always love Bradley Cooper, I've struggled to get over his tear-filled "Inside the Actors' Studio." He cried for the first 20 minutes. It was ridiculous. But I feel like we can all move past that with Silver Linings Playbook. You know what? I'm actually going to bump someone from my Top 5 for Bradley Cooper. I love him that much now. Who will go?!? Um.... Jason Sudeikis. His last name is too hard to spell. There. It's done.

3. I'm always telling my family and friends all these little AA sayings like, "I can only take care of my side of the street" and "WAIT. It stands for Why Am I Talking?" I do this to passive-aggressively remind them that I can't drink in the hopes that they will feel both guilty and extremely tolerant of all of my behavior. You'd think with all of these little quips in my back pocket ("HOW: Honest, Open, Willing" "Let Go and Let God") I'd be a really patient, loving person. Nope. Melissa and I were shopping in Union Square a few days before Christmas, and the crowds were ridiculous. As if we should be the only people allowed to shop at the last minute, I became unreasonably frustrated with folks milling around, blocking pathways, and talking on the phones while standing at the foot of an escalator. By the time we made it to Anthropologie, I couldn't take it anymore. My blood was boiling. As Melissa was in the middle of an expletive-laced story, I found myself trapped behind two women blocking the entire fabulous Anthropologie jewelry section. I tried to make my way around them, but it was impossible. They were in deep conversation, not looking at jewelry, and prohibiting anyone else from doing so. I quietly said "excuse me" a few times, to no avail. And then, unable to contain myself any longer, I screamed, 'Seriously? Really? Unbelievable." The women turned around, looked at me like I was a crazy lady and offered, "Jeez. Sorry."
At which point, one of them said, "Beth?"
It was my cousin...

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Skance said...

Do you think Nev and Max are maybe a couple? I sorta get a gay vibe from Max for sure, and the Nev part is obviously more complicated because of the whole movie, but I'm tres curious. I thought I didn't like the show that much, but somehow I've powered through every single ep now and am waiting for the next one.