Thursday, December 20, 2012

if it mccomes from where i mcthink it comes from, i don't want to mceat it...

Big Chris decided he would take me out for a "holiday dinner" which involved going to the McDonald's at 16th and Potrero and getting McRib sandwiches, because they are "limited edition" sandwiches. He's been talking about this for an entire week.

Chris even PAID, he was so excited about the prospect of the McRib. He started to tell me the ingredients, which apparently include "what they make yoga mats out of" but when I started wincing, Chris decided to wait until after we ate to fill me in on ingredients.

The McRib is supposed to be a boneless pork rib sandwich covered in a "tangy" sauce on a bun with pickles and onions. I removed my pickles, as I don't believe pickles belong on anything, and took a bite. It didn't really taste like anything. I tasted tangy sauce and bread, and then "meat texture." I couldn't even taste the onions. While Chris ate his whole McRib and I only made it through three bites, he did not eat the rest of mine. This is very rare, and would imply that even Chris with his "stomach of steel" was eating for the novelty, not the deliciousness.

After we ate, Chris pulled up THIS article on his iPhone, and asked me to read aloud. According to the article, the McRib "' restructured meat product' contains a mixture of tripe, heart, and scalded stomach, which is then mixed with salt and water to extract proteins from the muscle."

We found the inclusion of the word "scalded" a little worrisome. Chris was most upset that the McRib can technically be available to any McDonald's franchise owner year round, as the ingredients are always available. Offering it so rarely is a marketing tool, one that obviously works as it managed to get us into a McDonald's on a Wednesday night.

We finished the night off by viewing the Miss Universe Pageant. Chris should really have a job offering commentary on beauty pageants, because he thoughts are both startling and hilarious. "See her hair? Guys like that. Fourth Runner Up? What the fuck does that mean? Oh shit, that one needs to eat a McRib!"

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meat "product" aka Pink Slime