Tuesday, November 13, 2012

so he knows i am in love with the one we call 'messenger bag...'

Blair and I rode the 12 to work today and sat together talking all kinds of shit in low voices but out loud. We generally treat our morning commute as if it's our own private chauffeured motor coach. We discuss things like diarrhea and suicide, who we'd sleep with if I was a lesbian and Blair was straight, and often, our thoughts on fellow bus riders. You can imagine then, our SHOCK AND AWE when a man in a seat nearby leaned forward this morning and said, "I really enjoyed the time you guys took the bus to River Rock Casino."
We chatted with this guy for a few stops, he was very nice and normal, and we wished him a good day. As soon as he got off the bus, Blair looked at me and said, "Shit. We really need to STFU on the 12..."

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Blair said...

Well, we do...shhhh (text it!)