Wednesday, March 14, 2012

why did the moderate liberal downtown business interest democrat cross the road...

I think I gave up on trying to find the funny in San Francisco politics when politicians and front-row sitters complained after Melissa took 5 minutes of a Young Dems Mayoral Debate to ask fun questions, like, "Do you know the hours City Hall is open?"
Not only are you not allowed to laugh at politics, you guys. You're not even allowed to find any aspect of it charming. I'm done, I say! I throw my hands up in the air! Fine, assholes! You win!
But when I got invited to the SF Democrats' Onward to Victory Gala, I went, mainly because at this very party a few years ago, Tom Ammiano yelled at Arnold Schwartzennegger and it was exciting for 10 minutes, Lo and behold, a genius at the DCCC decided to get comedians to performs JOKES ABOUT POLITICS. They weren't mean jokes, they weren't nasty comedians. I was stunned and delighted. And I was relieved.
It's all in the Culture Blog up now, on SFGate...

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